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what’s on my mp3 player?


nothing, actually. seems that napster decided to give up on their good-ole’ napster-branded mp3 player from samsung. now that napster has hit version 3.0, they want you to get a new one, which means that the napster software doesn’t even acknowledge that my mp3 player is connected to the computer. sux, sux, sux. so i broke down and got a new one from dell — 30 gig hard drive, nifty desktop dock and an f.m. transmitter that is supposed to be much, much better than the low-power business in my samsung.

but, if i did have an mp3 player that worked right now, i’d be listening to choying drolma, a buddhist nun who travels the world, touring by herself and with guitarist steve tibbets, to raise money for her girls’ school back in nepal. she has a heavenly voice (or is that a nirvanic?) and she radiates peace and compassion. amazon has some samples off her new album, selwa. don’t be surprised if you feel like falling asleep when you listen to her — i do most every night.

p.s. the nats kicked ass tonight — beat arizona 9-3. i told my neighbor the game was sold out because i tried to get tickets a few weeks ago, but it must have been a glitch with ticketmaster, because only 34k people showed up.

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