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What a mess!


It seems like D.C. is in total bedlam this morning following the massive storms of the last two days. There was something like 4 feet to 6 feet of water earlier this morning in the 9th Street Tunnel, and at least two Metro stations in downtown are flooded, cutting off the Green/Yellow and Blue/Orange lines.

I had planned on taking a bus from my house (which is in front of a Green Line station) to the Red Line in Woodley Park in order to avoid the problems between Chinatown and L’Enfant Plaza, but I now realize I heard bad info on the news this morning. Someone — be it television or radio — said the Chinatown station was closed, but it was actually open with the Yellow Line ending there instead of continuing on south.

Anyway, I waited for a bus for 20-odd minutes, and when I called Metro, they said westbound service along U Street had been interrupted because of flooding down near Rhode Island Avenue. So I headed underground and caught the Green Line.

The trains were packed (Green Line trains heading into the city are rarely so crowded) and the Chinatown station was madness. Upstairs, the Red Line trains were coming pretty much every 45 seconds, so for once, that train was empty (it’s usually shoulder-to-shoulder in there).

And now the National Weather Service is saying more rain is coming today and tonight. And I don’t have an umbrella. Cest la vie.

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