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I know this isn’t a blog strictly dedicated to spiritual topics, but the fact that I so often write about these things is indicative of the person who I am. Truth be told, I believe the only way I can make the world a better place is to make myself a better person spiritually.

And I also direct a lot of frustration at myself for not being able to move along the path more quickly. I see brief glimpses of my own potential and the happiness that will spring forth from that, and I want more, but life and a restless mind don’t always go along with the game.

With that in mind, I offer the following inspiring words.

“Each of us has to be able to feel the pride that we ourselves can reach perfection, we ourselves can attain enlightenment. When even one person indulges in spiritual practice, it gives encouragement to the guardian spirits of the land, and to the celestial deities who have sworn to uphold goodness. These forces then have the ability to release waves of beneficial effects upon humanity. Thus our practice has many direct and indirect benefits. … If we practice the teachings and live the ways of Dharma, all the natural forces of goodness will be behind us.”
— from “The Path to Enlightenment,” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Author: Sean

I am Sean, a writer/PR guy originally from the Rural South who grew up and settled down in Washington, D.C. My interests include local politics, Eastern philosophy, languages and reality television.


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