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I see Cuba, again

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Just a few moments ago, I could see the lighthouse on Cuba’s westernmost point from my stateroom, so we are steadily making our way back to Miami on Brilliance of the Seas.  We’re scheduled to arrive around 1 a.m. tomorrow morning, and our flight back to Washington should give us enough time to pick-up the dog from her boarding kennel in the undisclosed location.

(Y’all get the joke, right?  The civilian affairs component of the place where Shawn, my partner, works has a great boarding kennel that’s really inexpensive.  It’s at a big military installation outside of Washington, hence I call it the “undisclosed location.”)

The cruise has been flawless.  This is our fourth cruise (the third on Royal Caribbean), and I have to say that a 10-day cruise is the perfect amount of time.  You don’t have that rushed feeling that comes from packing in four or five stops on a week-long journey.  Instead, you’re free to really relax, enjoy the ship and get to know the staff.  And, as always, it’s been the staff that has made this cruise worthwhile.

We left Washington 15 days ago, and I think we’re both ready to get back home, if for no other reason than to hug our dog Gaia.  Although this trip got off to a rocky start, Shawn and I are relaxed and as ready to jump back into the rat race as possible.

I’ll post later today about the lessons I’ve learned from this vacation (the Monkey Mind is always at work, you know?).  Also, an entry on food is coming, complete with pictures.

P.S. Thanks to the anonymous reader who suggested that I add the name of the ship to my previous blog entries.  My server stats show that a lot more people are visiting as I write about the various ports.  So thanks!

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