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Mindful Politics: The Power of Hope


In what sometimes seems like an incredibly dark and evil world, the only thing we can do as individuals and as societies is to put forth our own light in the form of hope, optimism and the idea that we are one race of people, brothers and sisters, who are connected at levels deeper than anything we can possibly imagine.

Without hope, we would have never reached the moon. We would never have beaten small pox. We would have never turned back the horror of Adolf Hitler.

With hope, we can eradicate AIDS and hunger. With hope, we can bring people together to create positive change in the world. With hope, we can heal the deep scars of war and hate that are etched across our planet. We can protect our Mother Earth and nurture ourselves.

It is only through hope that we can reach our full potential.

This is why one man’s message has sparked a political movement unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. This is why people of all political stripes are reexamining how they think about terms like “right” and “left,” words that have become ingrained in our national psyche and now dictate how we govern ourselves.

We can be pulled through life by fear, or we can take control of our own destinies by embracing hope.

Ésta es nuestra América. This is our America. We have to embrace the Power of Hope.

Author: Sean

I am Sean, a writer/PR guy originally from the Rural South who grew up and settled down in Washington, D.C. My interests include local politics, Eastern philosophy, languages and reality television.

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